The inspiration for Of Tree came from a prominent oak tree that stood in front of guitarist and songwriter Benjamin Parks.  The grand tree was felled, split in half, in a dramatic lightning storm, the likes of which only happen in the Midwest. Parks instantly recognized this bisection of oak as a metaphor for his own life’s path, splitting off in an entirely different direction which included many things including learning to play the guitar.  Many years later, he joined with his wife Laurel Parks on strings and voice to write dark indie folk ballads that speak of both loss and hope and all the things that life is made of.

The addition of John Bersuch on drums, percussion and the occasional noise machine plus Patrick Thomas on bass fills out the ethereal soundscapes created by the looping strings and contrasting range of vocals between the two singers.  The songs will hook you in, grab at your heart and bring you on a sonic journey like no other.
Of Tree’s first full album “How does it feel” was released in 2018 and can be found in all the places where you find your music.
In 2017 Of Tree recorded a 5 song E.P. “Sorry, We’re Chosen.”
The band is recording a second full length album starting the Fall of 2021.
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