Of Tree is a 4 piece indie band from Kansas City, Missouri. Their sound is a beautiful dance between acoustic meets modern electronica. Listeners could place their soundscapes somewhere deep in a forest with trace sounds of an old spaceship landing near by. The music is heavy on the strings as the violin carves out melodies on top of soft beats and looped soundscapes. At times the guitar is bowed while the drummer picks up a noise maker, referencing early technology against orchestral flourishing of strings. The violinist, Laurel Parks (ala Katie Bush), shares lead vocals with a higher vocal soaring above the deep voice of co-frontman Benjamin Parks (see also: Bill Callahan/Cat Stevens). The songs are an equal collaboration between the two of them, with additional instrumentation played by John Bersuch on percussion and Scott Freeman on bass.

“Their collaborative music blends electronic elements with chamber-folk. It’s orchestral, moody, melodic, hypnotic, at times filled with dynamic, percussive shifts.” (Timothy Finn, The Kansas City Star)

Of Tree’s debut album “How Does it Feel” was released in October of 2018. Their EP “Sorry We’re Chosen” came out in June of 2017.

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