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Of Tree is an Indie folk band from Kansas City Missouri made up of Benjamin Parks (vox/guitar/midi), Laurel Parks (vox/violin/keys), John Bersuch (drums), and Scott Freeman (bass). The foursome found their magic when they fused together musically to create songs that are delightfully unpredicatable and hauntingly beautiful and unsettling. Their music takes many unexpected twists and turns with each song an offering of a unique blend of their influences – the intimate, hushed sounds of Bill Callahan, the quirky loopedmelodies of Andrew Bird – mixed with classical training and traditional folk music. Add in ambient tones from pre-recorded loops, noise machines, and kalimba with darkly poetic lyrics and you have Of Tree. “Their collaborative music blends electronic elements with chamber-folk. It’s orchestral, moody, melodic, hypnotic, at times filled with dynamic, percussive shifts.” (Timothy Finn, The Kansas City Star) “What emerges from the ambient synthesized soundscapes is not unlike a fairy tale – one that is soothing upon first listen but beckons one to go deeper where unexpected things are found in dark corners.” (Cody Wymoming, The Phillistines).
Of Tree just released their first full length album “How Does it Feel” in October of 2018.

“Let me tell you why its so good,” wrote singer/songwriter Teri Quinn. “There are so many delicious layers and textures that keep you hooked. Each song takes you on a journey. Its not your typical song structure forms and I LOVE that. Ben Parks voice is so deep [think Cat Stevens] and rich it gives me chills. Laurel Morgan Parks [ala Kate Bush] is an absolute dream.”

Thanks to The Bridge for premiering our new album!!

We just released our first full length album on October 12th. Had an amazing release show at the Recordbar with Bob & Una Walkenhorst and Storm Circus!

Star Sessions

Thanks to the Kansas City Star and Ink Magazine for having us perform on ‘Star Sessions’!

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